Friday, February 19, 2010

Who Will Be The Opening Act For NTS LIVE Atlanta @ Atlantic Station (TWELVE Atlantic Station) On 3.19.10?



NTS LIVE Opening Act Contest Rules


  •  You Must First Complete An ONLINE Entry via and upload your latest  performance  / audition video of your talent 

·          You Must Be At Least 18 years of age by the end of this contest. Winners are required to sign a Talent Release form regardless of age.

·         Upon winning, Talent must submit any Music Materials being consider for performance, within 24 hours of winning the contest, for further review by staff.

·         Talent must submit a technical rider along with the performance agreement, for final approval.

·         All special requests & additional information must be submitted 24 hours after being announced the winner, no exceptions

·         No Profanity, Vulgar Language, Inappropriate Performances, etc will be tolerated. This is a family performance event

·         All talent who are selected, are expected to be ON TIME for their performance slots.  If the talent is five (5) minutes late for the report time, the talent will be cut from the performance roster.

·         Talent will get ten (10) minutes / two (2) songs to perform the submitted music / performance set you provided during the acceptance period

·         Group rates for tickets are available for the tour locations. Please inquire for these special rates

·         Whenever possible, Talent will be provided an opportunity to give away / sell their merchandise to the public where we host show tapings. You will be advised in advance where these locations will be.


To Enter Or To Vote, go to

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